Hacky Pro Footbags (H.P.F) has been bringing you the best in quality footbags (also known as 'hacky sacks') both crocheted and "leather" for the last few years. We have met many wonderful and unique people and have been amazed at the diversity of people playing hacky sack. We have seen the start of a Hacky revival in South Africa!


The sport of Footbags (also known as 'hacky sack') as a modern competitive game dates back to the 1970's: BUT the origin of the game can be traced back to hundreds if not thousands of years ago. Man has from the beginning of time been kicking, hitting and throwing "balls" around. A form of hacky sacks was played by the Mayans some two thousand years ago and this could easily be seen as the origin of the modern game of soccer.

The Experience

The size of the footbag (slightly smaller than a tennis ball) provides for a unique sporting experience that can be carried around in your pocket or backpack. You can't always take a soccer ball or skateboard with you, but a footbag can be produced at any time to improve your own skills or indulge in an imprompto game with any number of your friends - anywhere, anyhow, anytime is footbag time!

The game

The footbag is dropped to the foot and then kicked (hacked) and kept in the air using any body part, except from the hand to the elbow. When the footbag drops to the ground it is picked up and the game is restarted. Keep count of how many "hacks" you can do to compare skill with your friends. Remember, no self service if two or more players are involved in the game. It is not only the amount of consecutive hacks that count but style as well, therefore it’s not just what you do, but how good you look doing it.